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Did You Know:

  • 11.2% of the world population suffers from IBS—that’s a total of 896 million people worldwide?
  • The 2nd most prescribed medication class worldwide, costing over $1B+, are PPIs, such as omeprazole and lansoprazole?
  • Leaky gut is a dramatically increasing silent epidemic that causes a whole host of health issues, like heart disease, diabetes, and depression?

Your readers, viewers, and listeners deserve to know what they can do NOW to immediately reduce the debilitating impact of gut issues on their quality of life.


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Interview Topics

Vincent Pedre, MD Is Available For Expert Commentary, Interviews, Keynotes,
Speaking Engagements, Articles And More On Topics Such As:

Dr. Pedre’s own gut-healing journey & how it lead him to revolutionize the GI industry
Not all gut issues are the same: Identifying your unique issues is the key to finding a pathway to healing
How gut and gut-related disorders have become an epidemic due to a myriad of causes, including:
  • Processed foods
  • Environmental factors: pesticides, antibiotics, farming practices
  • Stress on the body, and
  • Mental health issues
The power of the gut-brain connection: How it affects mood and anxiety
Stress, relaxation, and the gut-brain-to-stress connection via the vagus nerve: How the vagus nerve plays a key role in both gut and brain health + practical strategies for improving gut health through vagal toning exercises
Why gut microbiome imbalances are the driving factor in multiple disease conditions, including obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes, skin health, airway health, immunity, metabolic syndrome, and mental health
What does it mean to have a gut dysbiosis?
“Leaky gut syndrome:” What is it, how to know if you have it, and how you can help reverse it
How to reduce chronic inflammation by improving gut microbiome diversity
How to Heal your gut:
  • The best diet for your gut (and gut microbiome)
  • The importance of a personalized approach to gut-healing, including individualized meal plans
  • Gut-friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy
  • Fermented foods: What you need to know & which ones boost microbial diversity in your gut best
  • The interconnected nature of your gut, body, mind, and spirit
  • Using mindfulness, meditation and breathwork to improve gut health + more
  • The difference between a gut-centric and gut-related symptoms
  • 4 reasons Western cultures have more gut-related issues & how to fix them
  • Understanding how the dirty dozen & clean fifteen lists can help you save on groceries $$$ while supporting your gut health
  • Food intolerances versus food sensitivities versus food allergies: Knowing the difference and how to deal with each
  • The 3 most important things to understand about your gut

Who Is Vincent Pedre, MD

Vincent Pedre.
  • Founder & CEO of Happy Gut Life LLC
  • Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health (since 2004)
  • Professor for the Institute for Functional Medicine in Mexico, Australia, and Peru
  • Author of Happy Gut, #1 Amazon bestseller in Digestive Health
  • Cornell University (Cornell National Scholar)
  • University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (Half-Tuition Scholarship recipient)
  • Keynote speaker at the Health Coach Institute Live
  • Guest: Cynthia Thurlow’s Everyday Wellness Podcast (100k+ monthly downloads)

Announcing DR. PEDRE’S


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The GutSMART Protocol is:

  • Loaded with the newest, need-to-know gut health knowledge
  • Backed by the latest research
  • 65 mouth-watering, gut-healing recipes
  • Food-based healing plan for achieving a happy gut, in a happy body with a happy mind
  • Ideal for anyone who’s eager to tackle their health issues from a holistic perspective
  • Featuring the GutSMART Quiz to quickly determine your level of gut dysfunction
  • Revealing surprising connections between the gut microbiome and mood, chronic disease, and weight gain…

The GutSMART Protocol: WHY NOW?

“When I set out to write The GutSMART Protocol, I wanted to make it as comprehensive as possible, but also accessible and doable for anyone who reads it. I wanted to create plans and instructions that you can immediately put to use while tailoring my recommendations to fit your individual needs in a personalized way that most books don’t offer, all while providing the research to back it all up.”

Vincent Pedre, MD

Founder/CEO, Happy Gut Life

Vincent Pedre.